Young lady coronated as regent in Ondo narrates struggles with Christian identity, poses with Bible

A young lady named Falowo Moyinoluwa recently got installed as a regent in Ondo state. The duty of being a ‘king’ for as long as a next one could emerge was wrested upon her when her father passed away.

Although she very well loved to take up the great responsibility of representing the people of Ibulesoro, Ifedore, there was one major problem: she is a Christian.

Moyinoluwa who was coronated as a regent on April 11, 2019, said she wrestled a lot with her identity as a Christian because there has always been a strong belief that traditional rulers wine and dine with ancestral gods.

In fact, many Nigerians consider kings and chiefs to have direct alliances with traditional ‘idols’. Hence, Christians who choose to ascend the throne are regarded as infidels who have turned their backs on Christianity.

Falowo Moyinoluwa narrated how much she wrestled with this thought. But then, she also spoke of how she overcame her fear with the help of those around her and a deep reflection on certain tenets in the scriptures.

As if trying to make her feel guilty for ascending the throne of her late father, a man said this to her:

“You cannot eat your cake and still have it. The throne is for the custodian of the ancestors and this throne is for Isese and it will remain like that.”

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