Donald Trump’s personal pastor: He’s my assignment from God

Paula White, a spiritual adviser and personal pastor to Donald Trump, has described him as her personal “assignment from God”.

The 66 year old, who offers the US President guidance on his policies and helps orchestrate faith events at the White House, told the Guardian she believes God told her to “show him who I am”.

She told the newspaper: “I encounter thousands of people, millions of people, over the course of ministry, but there’s been a handful of people that I knew was, like, this was direct assignment.”

White, who says God told her when she was 18 years old to preach the gospel, currently leads the New Destiny Christian Center megachurch near Orlando, Florida.

She described recieving an unexpected phone call from Trump who said he listened to three of her sermons and she had the “it factor”.

Twitter/Paula White-Cain


The Mississippi-born preacher was among Trump’s advisers who supported moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

She told the Guardian she does not consider herself as having a political loyalty when it comes to her faith.

Niall Carson/PA Wire


White said: “People go, ‘If Hillary asked you to pray for her, would you?’ Of course I would, but I don’t have a relationship with her.

“This is an ongoing, 18-year relationship [with Trump].”

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