What Makes You Envy? How to Appreciate What You Have

Do you get jealous easily? Do others’ assets and possessions bother you? Hey, look at the bright side of your life and start appreciating all you have. How do you do that? Read on to find out.

Instead of being jealous of others, try to maintain a gratitude mindset and count your blessings which the Universe has bestowed upon you. Everyday write five new things that you are grateful for and the list will keep growing.

Whenever you find yourself comparing to others, look at your gratitude list, and be thankful to the Universe.

The people you envy may look superficially happy but you do not know all their stories. So make no assumptions, feel happy about your life and appreciate all that you possess.

Some of the wonderful elements you may possess are a loyal spouse and family, a home to live in, electrical gadgets and equipment, a garden where you grow flowers and vegetables and much more. Add these to your growing gratitude list and feel happy and thankful.

Make good friends with neighbors and community. Instead of envying them, learn their secrets of how they accomplished so much, copy their strategies and soar.

Try to identify your skill set and good qualities and apply for a job that speaks to you. The more you stay busy and engaged, you will have less time to fret about others’ good fortune. Your spouse and family will be happy and proud for bringing in the extra living and making life easy, convenient and comfortable for them.

Try to have a side income from online moneymaking schemes. Ask your spouse to double check if they are authentic. With a side income and day job continuing for months, you will be financially free. Keeping savings for your family and yourself, decide what you would like to do with your ever-growing finances. You can buy stuff which you weren’t able before; you can go on a world tour which you haven’t imagined before. Now that you have all the wealth, where would you like to spend it on? Make a choice.

If you are undecided, invest it in another good and prospective business and make money out of money. You will have tapped yourself in limitless abundance! It’s good to leave a good legacy behind for your family and future generations but you also need to enjoy some of the wealth by spending it on yourself. So decide how you will spend it for yourself and your family and live in moments of euphoria and ecstasy. Gotcha?

Just because you chose to concentrate on your gratitude list instead of envying wealthy people, you yourself are wealthy now. So never allow yourself to be bothered by others’ wealth and abundance but try your best to work out schemes that will give you financial freedom. You will be happy eventually and the Universe, picking up your happy vibes, will shower upon you even more financial blessings. Sounds good?

Written by bishopchinedu

A preacher of the Gospel. An evangelist of the Gospel of Christ. The fundamentals of my preaching hing on the Legal and Vital sides of our redemption.

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