The Case To Study – Reincarnation

By Gary Wonning

Many today don’t believe in reincarnation, especially in our western civilizations.

Those in the “New Thought” community are into all the various kinds of healing and spiritual modes, but many never consider the idea of reincarnation.I suppose It is just too far out there to even consider. Many consider it taboo or not even possible, they are so hung up on being a body with a soul, instead of a soul with a body that many don’t even consider the possibility of having a soul.

They are so hung up on the material life that nothing else really matters. They have kicked God out of their life so life is all about buying the next new car or video game.Even though they are rebelling against conventional religion, and the beliefs held by most people, reincarnation is just too long a bridge to cross.

What if by studying who we were in the past it could open up a whole new area of understanding of why one acts and feels and believes as they do in their present existence.What if while researching our past we discovered we were once a different race, or gender, or sexual orientation and we believed entirely differently politically than we do today.What if we were the black who suffered under slavery, or an Irishman who was once discriminated against.

What if we were the business man who struggled daily to provide an income to raise his family and who worried about providing an opportunity and income for tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees who depended on him daily for their basic needs by working for him.He knew that if he failed, many people would become unemployed and their families could go hungry?

We could discover we were a priest, or minister, rabbi or medicine man. How would that change our perspective?Each and every life, regardless of how important it may seem, is valuable and it is not time wasted.

Many times living a life as a poor peasant is more valuable as learning is concerned than being the ruler of a great nation.To me, the philosophy of reincarnation only makes sense, if it is true, then it could explain much of the issues we have in today’s world and if people understood all the lives they may have lead under different circumstances and different roles, people would finally understand other people and how they would feel if they were that person

Couldn’t that change the world?

I have traversed the globe in se hiarch of truth, my truth, during which time I have had an opportunity to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the world’s finest intuitives. All of this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained.

Written by bishopchinedu

A preacher of the Gospel. An evangelist of the Gospel of Christ. The fundamentals of my preaching hing on the Legal and Vital sides of our redemption.

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