By Richard A Haynes 

When it comes to gaining your self-confidence it can be difficult to come by and easy to lose if not nurtured and worked on continually. Self-confidence is vital when it comes to feeling as if you are in charge of your of your life and with self-confidence, you will feel more like the victor rather than the victim in life.

The victim’s mentality is the case where the individual does not take personal responsibility for their life and feels that the world is against them or that they need a lucky break to succeed in life. Whereas the self-confident individual understands that they are in charge and that if they are to achieve any goal in life they have the ability to work through whatever obstacles may stand in their way. And they learn to either find a way or make a way.

To avoid thinking like a victim, and to help you feel you are in control, rather than external forces, and avoid feeling overwhelmed when it comes to achieving your lifetime goals or taking on a project that seems insurmountable, begin by breaking down the steps that you need to take to become successful.

By breaking down your steps into smaller segments whether it is a daily or monthly goal, begin by working on one particular project at a time until it is completed then start another. By breaking down large projects or complicated ones, you begin to gain more self-confidence as it will grow with every successful completion and you begin to feel you have the upper hand in the situation rather than feeling like the victim, overwhelmed and defeated.

To avoid feeling like the victim in life and gaining more self-confidence with each passing day, you have to learn to adapt and expect the unexpected in life. Becoming self-organized and practicing good time management when it comes to completing projects or getting rid of unnecessary problems and time-wasting activities in your life will help you to learn to adapt and gain the self-confidence you need to be a victor in life.

Time wasting activities include staying away from negative thinking people who will try and tell you you cannot do something or that the system is rigged. People that buy into that philosophy end up living a life of victimhood and they love nothing more than to drag you down to their level.

That’s not for you, by learning to think for yourself and staying clear of negative influences you allow yourself to build your confidence by allowing yourself through decisive action to prove that you can succeed and become more than you ever thought possible.

So when it comes to avoiding thinking like a victim in life, stay proactive, learn to take action on your dreams, take the personal initiative to find ways to become successful and in control of your life through a desire to become unstoppable and a champion.

Written by bishopchinedu

A preacher of the Gospel. An evangelist of the Gospel of Christ. The fundamentals of my preaching hing on the Legal and Vital sides of our redemption.

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