Finding Your Creative Self

By Paul Moses

Creativity lives inside of every one of us. For those that think that you do not have a creative bone in your body I am going to disagree with you. I just think you have not found it just yet.

Have you tried every creative activity to see if there is a hint of enjoyment in it. I know one lady who thought the same about herself. She tried everything. Finally, she gave painting class a try.

She found there was a liking to it.

She went back again and again. She became better. She started feeling an inner calling to paint. She felt purpose for the first time in her life. Her painting teacher was amazed at her ever increasing skill level.

The interesting thing was she was in her sixty’s. This talent stayed dormant until she decided to try a few things. Now she is selling her painting for thousands of dollars. You may want to give up the search for your creative self.

Give it another shot.

There is someone who is searching for that very thing you can give the world. However, you will have to start digging. I can assure you if you turn over every stone. You will find something. It doesn’t have to lead to financial bliss.

The bliss you feel will be right in your heart. You will have found happiness and those around you will appreciate you also. “But I have tried everything.” You may be thinking. I thought the same thing

Then I started writing. I found a whole new world opened up for me. Freedom of expression. It’ s not easy most days but when I force myself to start, something within me begins to flow. Which brings me to my question for you

Have you ever given writing a shot?

I mentioned a story earlier in this post about a woman who discovered painting in her sixty’s. There is another story about a man who was diagnosed with a terminal disease. He was given a few months to live. He picked up his pen and started writing as he thought it would be a good way to support his family when he was gone.

Six months went by. Then a year passed by. He completed four books. He did not die. The books became best sellers.

Sometimes it takes for us to backed against the wall to find out what we love and then do it. My final suggestion to you is if you can’t find out what you love. Do something creative until you love it. I can assure you it will leave a lasting impact those around you.

Written by bishopchinedu

A preacher of the Gospel. An evangelist of the Gospel of Christ. The fundamentals of my preaching hing on the Legal and Vital sides of our redemption.

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