How To Make Yourself Likable

By Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales 

Pleasing personality doesn’t necessarily means that you have to be beautiful. You can be likable if you are sincere and treat other people with respect. in my field of work, I have noticed that people who frequently ask questions to a new acquaintance are often well-liked. By nature we are helpful. Most often than not, we always want to share what we know especially when someone appears to need our help, we are always there to extend any assistance they need and provide answers to their queries.

Other people do not like people who talk more. But this is quite the opposite. If you want to be liked, you need to be more open especially when you are in a foreign country. You have to be a good conversationalist. The secret is to be a wide reader and an effective listener. When you listen, you can easily find common grounds to talk with.

Moreover, over-communicating puts people at ease. But it’s also important to pause once in a while to listen because likable people are always good listeners and are genuinely curious to learn new things. The best communicators talk and talk but still have time to listen for a response. That makes them more likable.

A no-strings-attached approach to helping others also makes you more likable. Never expect anything in return. Make sure that you are really sincere because those who help just to be liked always reveal a manipulative trait. However, this is easier said than done. It requires a lot of effort. When you do, you will find that more people will like you.

It’s hard to hate someone who has a carefree approach to life. Usually, the most-liked people are those that can fill a room with laughter. Those people who are easy to be with and who can laugh despite the odds of life. It might not be in your nature to joke around but make sure you are ready to see the humor in something. Even if sometimes, the joke is already off the belt, just don’t take it seriously. Be someone who can laugh easily and smile often. By doing this, you will win people over.

It’s better to see the real picture in life instead of the ideal. Oftentimes, the serious people are essentially acting selfish because they focus too much on their personal issues without realizing that highly likable people at work are those people who can set aside their issues and go with the flow. They are not selfish.

Admitting weaknesses makes you more likable. You are after all a human being who is subject to some imperfections!

Written by bishopchinedu

A preacher of the Gospel. An evangelist of the Gospel of Christ. The fundamentals of my preaching hing on the Legal and Vital sides of our redemption.

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